Legs Gallery 77 – The Chas Ray Krider Edition

Legs Gallery by Chas Ray Krider  (4)

by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by Chas Ray Krider

“Can desire, the anticipation of pleasure, ever truly be photographed? No one has done it as well as Chas Ray Krider, and no one has equaled his blend of salaciousness and subtlety.”—Esparbec, writer, Paris

Photographer? Model? Photographer? Model? Photographer? Model? You could ask that question a hundred times or argue it just as much and probably not get anywhere. Is it the photographer or the model that makes the shot. Does the model make the photographer, or does the photographer make the model. In this case we say photographer all the way and it’s the photography of Chas Ray Krider who seems to create a world right from a vintage pulp fiction novel or film noir hotel scene, and then throws it in your face.

We have seen a lot of photos of legs, but we have never quite seen work like this. We have seen a lot of photos of Dita Von Teese, but also not quite like this. We almost felt like voyeurs looking through the motel window wondering if we should scram or try to catch another glimpse. We took the second glimpse. The photos are from a book aptly named Motel Fetish which by the way recently had its second edition published by Taschen Books.

I think a little Duane Eddy’s  “Peter Gunn” would do well here while viewing the below photos.

These were almost two much for us as most of the photos we feature here are cheesecake photography, but the artistic elements cannot be denied and Chas Ray really creates the stage and mood with them. We must warn you. It was difficult to find shots of legs with no other body parts that would get us banned from Facebook, if you know what I mean. So if you choose to follow Dita and friends down the rabbit hole be prepared. At any rate if you do venture down you will not be disappointed and are in for a real visual treat.

You can check out a great interview that the blog “Imagina La Imagen” did with Chas Ray Krider, which although is from 2010, gives a little light on this photographer genius.

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