Pin Up Girl October Divine w/ Jordan Osaurus Steele’s “On The Run”

October Divine by  RAP Retro Air Photographic

by Sad Man’s Tongue, photos by Kustomnemo Photography, Retro Air Photographic, Barbara Jackson Photography, My Boudoir,  Rich Innes, and October Divine

This Lichfield, UK Pin Up Girl is more than just another pretty face. This self employed working woman is a fully qualified make up artist and co-owner of “Pin Up Pictures” out of the UK which provides  support and guidance to photographers and Pin Up models world wide. She is also co – owner of “Say-Cheesecake”  which specializes in make overs and photo shoots that specialize in the vintage and retro look.

October Divine  herself is a vintage girl to the core and loves replicating styles and looks from the 40s and 50s. The selection of photos here today will attest to her passion that she wants to share with everyone. While the things we do certainly shape the roads in life we take, October blazes a trail that is vintage inspired and totally spot on authentic.

We will definitely be seeing more of this lovely lady and hopefully we can squeeze a few recipes out of her for our series, “Cooking With A Pin Up.”

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  1. This was a superb Portfolio. Well done, and a beautiful model/woman.

    Now, add a little of this, and voila:

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