Polish Pin Up Girl Jeany Kicz

Jeany Kicz by  Karolina Miądowicz photography

by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Angie Ef. photography, Rockagirl, Marta Chruścińska Photography, Monika Flo Kwiatkowska Photography, Natalia Brączkowska photography, Karolina Miądowicz photography, Anna Borowa

Not a whole lot we can say about this lovely Pin Up Girl Jeany Kicz from Poznań, Poland, other than the obvious. She has been featured in a short film called ‘Empty Room‘ by Dawid Pietraszewski & Aga Turowska. Her blog says she like the romantic poetry of Poe and Goethe.

She has peaked our interest by creating a mystery and we want to know much more about this little pin up girl from Poland.

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