The Chop Tops


by Incognito, Featured Writer, Incognito Music Magazine

The Chop Tops is a perfect band for ‘Billy Monday because this band covers the spectrum. On the band’s ReverbNation page, the first few songs you’ll hear lean pretty heavily toward psychobilly with the revved-up bass line and the sort of fuzzy sound on the guitar. If you want an example of the revved-up sound, check out “Wagon Burner.” Whooooooa Nellie! This one will get your blood pumping.

If you’re looking for a more pure rockabilly sound, check out the song “Too Many Cats.” Granted, it’s not 50s rockabilly, but still it’s a fine rockabilly song with a classic rockabilly theme of a woman having too many men.

If it’s a more 50s rockabilly song you’re looking for, check out “Fire on the River.” This is a good one for getting out on a dance floor and swing dancing.

This band even works some surf influence into its sound with the song “Evil Six.” This combines some surf guitar with classic rockabilly rhythms and vocals that remind me of Rockin Ryan and The Real Goners. That’s not the only song with surf influence either. “The Sicilian” is sort of a hybrid of surf and the theme from a spaghetti western.

If you’re a fan of rockabilly, punkabilly, psychobilly, etc. The Chop Tops is a band you need to know.

Source: Incognito Music Magazine

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