Sarah Vega The Audrey Hepburn of Springfield Missouri

Sarah Vega by Meadows Images (7)

by Sad Man’s Tongue. Photos by Meadows Images

Sarah Vega, The Audrey Hepburn of Springfield Missouri, may or may not be as such to some of you, but she sure is that way to us. At least in the way she can carry herself when showing of her vintage look from the 1950’s. This elegance and poise she seems to have is brought out in an elegant force by photographer Marshall Meadows of Meadows Images.

Sarah has only been modelling since 2009 and as an aspiring model she is already starting to rack up the credits. Those credits include numerable fashion shows, photo shoots, print magazines, and even a television appearance on Paul Fisher’s show called Remodeled on the CW channel.

Sarah was clearly born in the wrong era and thank God. We need someone to brighten up this era and keep the vintage style of the 1950s alive and vibrant. Her love of Burlesque, Cheesecake, Classic Hollywood, Glamor, High Fashion, and Rockabilly genres was sparked when she met an Elvis impersonator, Dean Z, and his Pin Up model wife. The rest we shall say is history, but early history as we believe this young Pin Up is only a senior in high school believe it or not.

We definitely need to get an interview and see if the “Audrey Hepburn of Springfield” can cook. Perhaps a 1950s recipe dressed in the style for our series “Cooking With A Pin Up.”   Here is her Facebook Page as well. For now I think the Black Kat Boppers’ “Hey Young Girl” is a fitting song to view the photos with.

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11 Responses to Sarah Vega The Audrey Hepburn of Springfield Missouri

  1. True beauty! What a doll.

  2. Cute photo shoot, I like that they used a school, looks great!

  3. Sarah Vega says:

    Thanks!! In some of the photos we were at an auditorium that Elvis played at in 1956. The rest are from the hotel he stayed at when he was in town for the concert.

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