9 Questions w/ Romanian Pin Up Photographer Carapcea Victor

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by Sad Man’s Tongue, Images by Carapcea Victor of Kara Photo Romania, Models, Livia Andrei, Larissa Ivanova, Naftaita Isa, Miruna Diana, Mesesan Oana-Roxana

We caught up with Romanian Pin Up Photographer Carapcea Victor of www.karafoto.ro, and asked him some questions about his pin up work. We also recently featured a gallery on Romanian Pin Up Girl Livia Andrei which was caught on camera by Carapcea here.

SMT: Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs, and how do you actually get your photographs to do that?

Carapcea Victor (1)CV: I generally like to capture a short story in my photographs…not just a “frame”. I don’t think I managed to do that in every capture until now, but I’ve been told I’m on the right track. I’ve still got a lot to learn about transforming my ideas into photos, so I can’t say for sure what is it that makes me say “ok, that’s a wrap”.

SMT:  What is your favorite subject to photograph and why?

Carapcea Victor (2)CV: If I had to choose only one subject to be my favorite, that would be the implementation of the pinup style into my country’s history. They’re very far apart as style goes, but somehow they connect and get to make beautiful images.

SMT: What is your favorite lens to use when photographing portraits and why?

CV: I’d have to admit I’m part of the 50mm and higher users, no matter what the maximum aperture is…the perspective is just right on the model.

SMT: What do you say or do to make your subject comfortable and relax during your sessions?

Carapcea Victor (9)CV: I really don’t know what I’m supposed to say during a photo session, but as far as my personal projects go, I like to have a sit down a few days before the shoot and connect a little bit with the people that will help me get the job done.

SMT: What inspires you?

CV: I usually get ideas while driving around with no destination implied…so I guess boredom-drives are my source of inspiration. :))

SMT: What makes a good image stand out from average?

CV: The overall theme of the photo is what makes me say about it if it’s something I like or hate. Of course, the technical issue of how the photo was taken, and if it’s well exposed, clear, etc…that’s really not much of an issue nowadays, with all the technology a camera has built in. Some might disagree, and I recommend they spend a little time reading the camera’s manual 🙂

SMT: How important is it for a photographer to connect with his or her subjects to bring out their true self?

Carapcea Victor (4)CV: The sitdown and the overall connection with my subject offers me enough to know about how I have to get the reaction I need to make a good portrait. Some of the people are a bit hard to work with, and it’s kind of a bumpy road at the beginning of the shoot.

SMT: Can you walk us through the actual process that you use to set up a portrait?

CV: As far as my personal portfolio goes, I like visualizing the overall outcome of my idea inside my head, lay down the details on a piece of paper, and then leave it to rest for a couple of days so that when I come back to it, I can tell if it was a good idea, or a really bad one. After that, it’s all a matter of searching for the right people, with the right set of skills to make the details come to life, scouting for a location, and a bunch of really boring technical stuff to get it done in the right way.

SMT: Do you have a favorite photograph of your own or someone elses? Can you tell us about that photograph?

CV: I can’t tell of any favorite photo yet… There are a lot of photos that catch my imagination and the good thing about them is that there are always more to admire and get inspired from. So my answer to your question would be: Any photo that will make me stare at it for at least 10 seconds.

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