Croatian Pin Up Girl Antonija Pintarić

Antoanette by incalius 4

by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Sanja Lydia Photography, Marinshe, Kristijan Antolovic photography, Ayami Rafael Janic

I Have the Simplest Tastes, I Am Always Satisfied with Simply the Best – Oscar Wilde

And why shouldn’t we all be. After all, how can you beat a perfect slice of pizza, great legs, and a pin up pose to match. Seems like all of that is simply the best for this Oscar Wilde loving Croatian Pin Up girl and model Antonija Pintarić.

This beauty from Osijek, Croatia keeps herself very busy. She’s a model, pin up, student, and an actress in the theater. She appears to have a lead role in the Oscar Wilde  play called “The Importance of being Earnest,” in which she plays one of the lead characters is named Cecily. We would expect this since her favorite visual artist and writer is none other than Oscar Wilde.

While what first drew our attention to Antonija were her rockabilly photos, this pin up appears to have diverse musical tastes such as Queen, the Doors, and GnR. We hope to find out more about this lovely lady as she has agreed to an interview, which we hope to feature next week. So until then enjoy the photos of Antonija taken by the wonderful photographers to the music of the Graveltones’ “I Want Your Love.”

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  1. tjcuzns says:

    What a beautiful woman !

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