The Coffin Daggers


Here is another great find from over at Incognito Music Magazine.

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Loyal reader, I don’t have to tell you that we celebrate the unusual here at Incognito HQ. If you’ve read this blog only once, you know that. Last week, we featured a band I described this way: “The music of WaveSauce is like the soundtrack for a movie about a surfing spy…directed by Ed Wood.” Well, the music of The Coffin Daggers would also be good for a movie. I think this band would provide a perfect soundtrack for a black and white monster movie that somehow involves surfing. Maybe the monster in question preys on surfers and one day picks the wrong surfer to mess with. Mind you, I wrote that before I even heard “Monsters from the Id,” a song on the band’s ReverbNation page complete with horror-movie screams.

What really makes this perfect for a monster movie is the organ. It somehow lends an ominous tone to the music that would be perfect for a monster movie. The rest of the instrumentation has a gritty garage sound that is also pretty apropos for a B monster movie.  I have the feeling that some surf purists might not really consider The Coffin Daggers a surf band. Sure, these guys put a lot of gritty rock n roll into their sound, but it doesn’t make the sound any less surf. If you like fuzzy surf rock, check out the band.

Source: Incognito Music Magazine

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  2. tjcuzns says:

    Are you familiar with the Bizzaro Superman stories? Both these tunes would be perfect for a Bizzaro surf movie. Imagine a Bizzaro Edd Byrnes;Tuesday Weld;Bobby Darren and Annette Funicello. Of course Ed Wood should direct it. Unless you wanted to go the Bizzaro surf secret agent route. Than I suggest Sam Peckinpah.

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