The Villenettes: Rockabilly Heroines


by , Featured Writer, Streetcast on Radio Adelaide

Class, chops, and crashing rock n’ roll – that’s what emerging local act The Villenettes are all about.

After joining together in mid-2012 from various other musical projects, The Villenettes have become a regular fixture on Adelaide’s live scene, to the acclaim of plenty of punters.

And now they’ve backed up their hard gigging work with V for Villendetta, an excellent debut EP that’s sure to work wonders for their profile.

Anna and Kylie from the band joined us in the Streetcast studio having just launched the EP at the Crown and Anchor the night before.

Source: Streetcast on Radio Adelaide


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  2. tjcuzns says:

    Why are Rock and Roll women so hot? Especially if they play the guitar.

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