Introducing Alice Von Lichtenfein

Alice van Lichtenfein (2)

by Sad Man’s Tongue

So back in January we learned that we had more visitors to our page, 3.6 million in our first year, than the country of Lichtenstein had tourists. Apparently it would also take Lichtenstein 67 years to meet that number.

Now are we that incredible that we receive more visitors than a European Country? Of course not. Lichtenstein is one of  the smallest countries in Europe and most likely in the world. It is even smaller than the country of Andorra which lies between France and Spain.

That being said we still thought we could help Lichtenstein out with some Pin Up Press as we introduced Sad Man’s Tongue exclusive Pin Up Girl, Alice Von Lichtenfein. But you know, Lichtenstein is is a banking safe haven so all their visitors are just very rich people hiding their millions, so they don’t really need our help, plus Alice Von Lichtenfein is not from there.

So this year be prepared to be delighted with our in house Pin Up Girl Alice Von Lichtenfein who will highlight the pin up spirit of the places and spaces of Prague. Sorry Lichtenstein 🙁 but we only want to be with her.

About Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro - Prague

We are a Bar and Bistro where old school meets the new school, dedicated to preserving the roots of rock and roll and it's modern adaptations as well as preserving the cultural identity of our neighborhood through our food, the the principles of the slow food movement. A little bit of rockabilly and retro combine with the kustom kulture of today, in an atmosphere devoid of Pretension.
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