Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside “Untamed Beast”


by By Frank Valish, Featured Writer, Under The Radar

Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside’s 2011 debut, Dirty Radio, was a cabaret-esque mix of rockabilly and old-timey pop that was endearing, albeit with somewhat of a novelty vibe. Untamed Beast is more of the same but with a ratcheted-up rock-and-roll attitude.

“Party Kids” is almost punk, with a soulful swagger. “Bad Boys” asserts itself like a filthy Carl Perkins. The admonishing “Rockability” features some aggressive guitar, vocal howling, and surf rock-esque drums. And to cap the album, the slow last track, “Roll Around,” revolves around Ford’s pleas to a lover to roll around with her in bed. Sings Ford: “Whether that’s romantic, well, that’s your point of view.”

Source: Under The Radar

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