Putzing Around With Photographer Claus Pütz


By Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by Claus Pütz of Pützografie – Fotografie & Bildbearbeitung

So we recently stumbled upon photographer Claus Pütz from Meerbusch, Germany and featured some of his amazing work of  some smokin’ Inked Beauties in our “Inked Girls Gallery 99 – The Pützografie Edition.”

Being the gracious host that Claus is he agreed to an interview which we are happy to present to you here. Claus has some amazing work that we hope to feature here on a regular basis and starting with our first Inked Gallery devoted to the male species which we hope our female readers will enjoy all the more, and perhaps our male readers will get some ideas.

SMT: Where were you born and how would you describe your childhood?

P: I was born in Düsseldorf/Germany. It was a very terrible childhood
for my parents 😉

SMT: What was the pivotal point in your life that made you want to be a
photographerl? Was it a movie, a photo, a person or event and how old
were you?

fbginga_0056P: I am a visual person. I like the nature and love animals. I wanted to
save some moments, so I started taking pictures and now I am getting paid to take photos from people, landscapes, and animals. These are my hobbies now that  I am 35.

SMT: Did your parents support your photography ambition?

fbginga_0115P: Yes, they supported me. They saw that it was not a little “day-dream”
to do this very expensive job. I spent a lot of time to get better and better. And I think they are proud that i started a business.

SMT: I assume you travel quite a bit, what city inspires you the most or
do you think is the most photogenic for you?

P: I think every city in every country has its own flair and unique
places. My plan is not to go to one city – i want them all! 😀

SMT: I myself discovered you through some inked girl photos, why is this
a passion for you?

fblilly_0016P: No, not really. It’s a big scene in Germany.  Most like the look of my pictures and they are connected. If you look at my portfolio there is really a huge amount of inked
people. But it is not a passion.

SMT: What other styles are you passionate about or your favorite to photograph?

P: Landscapes and animals

SMT: What is your favorite lens to use when photographing portraits and why?

P: It depends on what I want to do. The majority photos Ido with the 24-70
2.8 L lens. It’s sharp and very useful because I can move around.

SMT: What do you say or do to make your subject comfortable and relax
during your sessions?

fblilly_0080P: I work very fast. This is very cool for the people. We can do more
different sets. And because I work so fast there  is more time to drink
coffee together 😉

SMT: What inspires you?

P: Beautiful landscapes and traveling to other countries

SMT: What makes a good image stand out from average?fblilly_0084

P: I think the “wow-effect”. The image can be shocking, crazy or
something else, but you have to look at it and think “wow”.

SMT: How important is it for a photographer to connect with his or her
subjects to bring out their true self?

P: The people trust me. That’s very important for a good session. They
must have a good feeling – I try to to this!

SMT: Can you walk us through the actual process that you use to set up a

fbmaniac_0033P: I think about what style the image should have (hard, soft, emotional
etc.).(what background I need or which section of a landscape).
It depends on the model & styling. I do a light setup. Then I do the
retouch. It’s a powerful tool to give the photos their “unique” style.

SMT: Do you have a favorite photograph of your own or someone elses? Can you tell us about that photograph?

P: I saw an image where two very old people walk in different
directions, and their own shadows on the wall showed them as a
young dancing couple. I thought a long time about it.

SMT: Any tips for aspiring photographers?fbsabrinapott_0020

P: Don’t do this. 😉 It is a very hard and expensive way to make a living. But if you do
it, you have to put all energy in it and work hard to find your own style.
I searched 2 years to find my workflow.

SMT: What photographer of the past do you most admire and why?

P: I don’t look at other photographers. I want to be “free” and create
my own ideas.

fbtrine_0050SMT: Tell us what your dream shoot would be, who would the model be,
what would be the location, and what would be the theme?

P: Chuck Norris – Niagara Falls – the theme: What Chuck Norris wants!! 😉

SMT: Any upcoming projects we should look out for?

P: I am traveling around in the future. Maybe we will see eachother 😉

SMT: What meal does your mother cook for you when she wants to make you
something special?

P: Waffles!

A big thanks and Vielen Dank to you Claus. We hope you and your work will grace our pages again 🙂 And a big thanks also to the featured models; Lilly van Day, Miss Jassy Manic, Tattoomodel Trine, Sabrina P, and Ginga Loco

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