Interview With Croatian Pin Up Antonija Pintarić Part I

Antonija Pintarić Interview One (3)

by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by, Sanja Lydia Photography, Marinshe, Kristijan Antolovic photography, Ayami Rafael Janic, Reka Valkai and Denis Bozic

Recently we did a photo feature called, Croatian Pin Up Girl Antonija Pintarić. After corresponding with Antonija  Pintarić we learned that this beautiful Pin Up Model has a lot going on in her life. Despite this, our new Oscar Wilde loving friend  was very gracious with her time in answering some questions we had for her. So here is our first part of a two part interview with our new friend (And Hottie) from Croatia, Antonija  Pintarić.

SMT: What was the pivotal point in your life that made you want to model? Was it a movie, a poster, a person or event?

AP: It happened quite spontaneously…My boyfriend Marko, who was my friend at that time, asked me to be a model for a photoshoot he planned to do. The Antonija Pintarić Interview One (9)theme was artistic nude, so I did it as a favor for a friend:) Since I am an actress I am not ashamed of my body, and I do not have aversion to such themes as long as I work with someone who knows how to make artistic nude without making it vulgar or inappropriate in any sense. I trusted Marko and he did  make very nice artistic nude photograph called “Innocence”, which was the first photo I have ever posed for as a model.

Since he had a lot of friends in community of photographers, some of them noticed me and started to work with me. That photo was a turning point in my life considering my modelling career and a beautiful relationship that has formed since then between me and my boyfriend Marko. Also…I have to emphasize that modelling helped me in my acting career since I have been called to some auditions thanks to the photos I have made with various photographers during my work as a model.

SMT:. I assume you travel quite a bit, what city inspires you the most?

Antonija Pintarić Interview One (1)AP:  I travel occasionally, sometimes by business and sometimes in free time, during holidays. I have visited many interesting places, but I must admit Dublin was the most inspiring for me. I love Ireland and Irish culture and myths in general. When I was there it felt like home; beautiful emerald-green landscape,generous  warmhearted people and, of course, best beer in the world :)) It may sound strange, but in some way it even seemed very familiar to me. In Dublin I did not feel like stranger at all.

SMT: I myself discovered you through some rockabilly photos, Is Rockabilly style a passion for you and if so why?

AP: Pin up and Rockabilly style are definitely one of my favorite styles because I find them closest to my personal energy as a model. I am not obsessed with those styles and those styles do not define my modelling work cause I love diversity in modelling and acting and I love to explore my limits. But I would definitely include them in my top 5 styles 🙂

SMT: What is your favorite Rockabilly, Punk, Rock, or Pschobilly band?

Antonija Pintarić Interview One (2)AP: I have versatile music taste but I must admitt I am more rock and roll girl. My favorite bands are: Queen, G’n’R, The Doors, RHCP. One singer I love to listen and that belongs to Rockabilly era is Ritchie Valens. And I must not forget to mention my love for musical theatre. I love listening to musical soundtracks: Grease, Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, Footloose, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, The Sound of Music, Chicago, Cabaret…. I adore musicals 🙂

SMT: Give our readers a beauty tip.

AP: Smile, make people smile,  share love and enjoy every day of your life. Do what makes you happy and you shall blossom in every way…inside and out 🙂

SMT: What other styles are you passionate about?

Antonija Pintarić Interview One (4)AP: hmmmm….that is a good one… I cannot remember any style I do not like, but most influential to me are Gothic style,fantasy style and anything retro: hippie style, 80’s style, Charleston  style, style of Edwardian and Victorian era… I find them all interesting in their own, specific way. They all pull out something from me and help me explore my transformation possibilities.

SMT:  Now for some Favs: Who is your favorite actor and actress between 1930 – 1965

AP: I love Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Gretta Garbo, Julie Andrews, Rita Hayworth, Jane Russell, Judith Anderson, Ava Gardner. Those are actresses I would point out as my favorites from the golden age of Hollywood cause they caught my attention not only by their unique styles and  extraordinary beauty, but also by their exceptional acting skills.

SMT: What is your long term goal?

AP: To improve myself as an actress and model. I intend to work on my acting, dancing, singing and modelling skills in order to continue fulfilling my dreams.I do my work with great love and passion and I want to do it the best I can so that people may enjoy my work as much as I do.

SMT: Any advice for those who would want to start in the pin up and modeling role.

AP: During the photo session I always imagine I am a character in the story, and I SONY DSCplay a character, I become one with that character. That is my way.
The advice I can give is: trust in yourself…do not set boundaries to yourself, enjoy what you do. I know it sounds like a paradox…but in modelling…the invisible
is what matters, the inner glow…Every girl can be a beautiful model cause there is no girl in the world that does not have unique beauty…she just has to set it free like a bird from a cage.

SMT: What’s your favorite book.

AP: The Picture of Dorian Gray and Oscar Wilde’s two books of fairy tales: “A House of Pomegranates” and “The Happy Prince and Other Tales.”

SMT:. Where were you born and how would you describe your childhood.

AP: I was born in Osijek,Croatia. I lived in a distant area of town, far away from the Antonija Pintarić Interview One (6)center, so I got used to walk to school, to the academy, more or less everywhere.

I spent my childhood with caring parents, with older sister and younger brother. I have pleasant memories playing in my grandfathers garden full of flowers and reading books, playing with friends, imagining I was on a stage even then. I remember my grandmother used to sing to me every night when me and my sister were in Germany with her during the war in Croatia.

I remember playing with puppets and Barbie dolls who all had names I still remember. I also remember I used to tell my father to take a picture of me while he recorded me with  video camera, thinking he will take a photo…Now…when I look back on these days, I came to conclusion the child in me refuses to grow up:)

SMT:  We see you’re an admirer of Oscar Wilde. How did you get turned on to him. And what is your favorite Oscar Wilde quote?

AP:. Hahaha…yes I make it clear with every sentence I make that I am Oscar Wilde SONY DSCfan. I am his post mortem p.r.:)) Yes…the first thing I read written by Oscar
Wilde was his tale “The Nightingale and the Rose”. I was nine years old. There was something intoxicating and enchanting about his work: the structure of his
sentences, his usage of literary elements, his style of writing, rich vocabulary, deep allegories and the world he created.

Antonija Pintarić Interview One (8)Another thing I love about his works is that each time I read any of them I find something new in them. I never grow tired of any of his books.From his works I learned a lot both as a person and as an actress. What I admire in Oscar Wilde considering his character was the fact that he was also misunderstood and judged due to his individuality, but he had persistence and strength to pursue his goals while staying true to himself without caring what anyone else thinks. Even to the very end, when it was hardest to endure, he stayed consistent to himself.Therefore, although I love every single one of his quotes, I guess my favorite would be:

“Be yourself,everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Antonija Pintarić Interview One (10)

To Be Continued

Look out for the second part of the interview coming out this Thursday.

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