The Surf Is Up With The Legato Vipers


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Recently, it seems like we have had a run of surf bands whose music would easily fit into a spy movie. Legato Vipers (from Guelph, Ontario) is one of those bands. This isn’t music for catching tasty waves. This is music to accompany some guy in a dark suit and a skinny black tie as he prowls around looking for whatever villain he wants to take down.

Sure there is some reverb in the guitar, but really there is more emphasis on the 60s-style mod fuzz. The only song that doesn’t really fit the prowling theme is “Sweet 16.” Here is the best way I can think to describe this song. If this album were the soundtrack for a spy movie, this would be the song where the super-spy seduces the beautiful vixen (or vice versa).

The Quick Slug EP will be available on Tuesday 26 February. If you’re a fan of instrumental surf, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with this album even though it’s not the beach kind of surf music. If you’re interested in surf music that sounds like it could be the soundtrack for mod a 60s movie, this is definitely something you need in your collection.

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