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On their sophomore album, HELLBOUND HEPCATS give us ten great rockabilly songs that play homage to the original scene, as well as the rejuvenation of the music from the early 80’s. These three guys from Montreal, Canada stick to rockabilly and a touch of country without going into the psychobilly camp at all.

Guitarist/vocalist Alexander Brown has a great rock and roll guitar style and delivers some great leads on this album, and he also wrote all of the songs on the record. Brown’s voice is clear and strong, with hints of Elvis, but not enough to make it a parody, just a light dusting. Bassist Jordan Peddie teams up with drummer Sylvain Lemire on this album to provide a tight and solid rhythm section that will get you up out of your chair and dance around. This album has a very timeless quality to it with fantastic rockers to get you up out of your seat and dancing. They play with conviction and true love for this style of music. I loved the humor of “Underpants Dance”, “Then come on over to your house, babe I’ll take off your pants and your blouse, and we could dance, yeah we could dance, yeah we could dance right there in our underpants”, I mean what a fun song. These guys really can play like they just stepped out of a time machine, but still keep things modern enough to make it sound fresh, creating a fantastic collection of songs that when I played the album for my wife, she wanted me to play it again. With a recommendation like that, how could you go wrong?

It’s very difficult for me to pick a favorite off this album since it’s a classic from start to finish. Slick back your hair, put on your dancing shoes and throw this on the stereo and don’t give a damn about what’s cool, just dig this hip sounds daddy-o!

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  2. dangerdelux says:

    I love the hellbound hepcats!!!

  3. tjcuzns says:

    Fine music. Definitely reminiscent of Elvis.

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