Interview With Croatian Pin Up Antonija Pintarić Part II

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This is part two of our interview with the Beautiful Antonija  Pintarić. Pin Up Girl, Model,  Theater Actress, and Oscar Wilde fan from Croatia. If you missed the first part just click here to be taken there. So without further ado here is part two of the interview.

SMT: What can you tell us about the play you are in.

2dddfd6c71525c5ddab2500a724156c4-d5mq53lAP: I guess you refer to the play “The Importance of Being Earnest” by already mentioned author:D Yes…that was the play I did with my colleagues and mentor as my finishing MA exam from acting on the academy. I played the role of Cecily Cardew and I enjoyed every single moment of process. Every character I create is like a child
to me.

It can be very challenging to create a character and embody it, but I love challenges. In this play I can sense the author understood and respected women. I think he had highly developed both female and male energy and he listened to people and well observed human behaviour. The play was staged in Erdut, a place near Osijek, in exterior, on May 25th 2012. The reprise is not yet planned but it is sometimes shown on regional Tv and it will soon be available to watch on YouTube.

SMT: Is it your first lead role on stage?

AP: No, it was not my debut. I played the lead role in musical drama “Threepenny66b3894331296eab661f98aa4dcaa010-d5l60n4 Opera” by Bertolt Brecht in 2010 in the National Theater in Osijek. The character I played was Polly Peachum. I also play the role of Rusty in the musical Footloose  in Zagreb.

SMT: Who are some of your favorite photographers to work with an why?

AP: Every photographer is my favorite because I’ ve learned so much from all of them and for that I am deeply grateful. All the photographers I have worked with had their own style and while working with them I allowed myself to explore every part of me the best I can. I try to stay away from certain moulds and I do not accept limits for myself.

I think no one is a one dimensional character. It is amazing how rich and vast our inner being is and to imprison it is a pity for every person, especially for an actor and a model. I am glad that every photographer that I have cooperated with saw me through different eyes and we have allowed each other to fully express ourselves through the work we created together.

SMT: Any upcoming projects we should look out for?

SONY DSCAP: I have offers working with some photographers I have worked with before and with some photographers I am to work with for the first time. They are all wonderful and interesting people and I look forward to cooperation. I will try my best to open my heart as always and to create something special.

As for the acting career, I take part in a new show in National Theater in Osijek: “Free exchange hotel” by Feydeau. The rehearsals have started and  the premiere is in April. Whoever has a wish to see it is welcome.

I also play in another show staged in National Theater, and I have been working hard lately on my new project: staging “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” in which I play the lead role. It is a challenge, but as I said before, I love challenges. I am a busy bee lately but I must say I feel thoroughly happy and fulfilled. I apologize it took me so long to answers these questions but, as I said,  it has been a crazy ride lately.:)

SMT: Tell us how you unwind after a busy day or what would be your perfect weekend?

AP: I relax by meditation and listening to music. I also love to read, spending timeBeachgirl_by_antoanette with my friends and to watch movies and cuddle with Marko. He wanted me to watch all Star Wars sequels and he watched all musicals I could think of and I must say I became a huge fan of Star Wars, and he loves musicals since he started to watch them.

I love to go for long walks and to daydream. I do it all the time. I am an incorrigible dreamer XD. I also love playing board games and discusing movies, books and video games using the best gaming router of 2017 since we’re really into it, me and a group of my friends I have known a long time cause we used to hang out in a library as children.

Also, my guilty pleasures are Facebook games such as Candy Crush Saga and Song pop cause these games relax me after a hard day.  Occasionally I go out on weekend with my friends but nothing fancy. The important thing for me is spending time with people I love and care deeply about, to be happy and to make them happy.

SMT: What does your family think about your career in modeling?

c5d4a0a75ac3772b353a785e5bade502AP: My parents are loving, caring and have good intentions. But I was always a rebel in the family. They were skeptical about my choices to be an actress and a model not because they did not want me to be happy but because it belongs to totally different world then the one they  live in.

They consider me talented, while I am the one who thinks I can always do better. But they knew how sensible I was as a person and  did not want me to be hurt. I  contradicted  them not  because I was spiteful, but because  I just could not adjust to anything else than the very thing that  makes me happy.

I was very stubborn and sometimes I gave them a hard time. They were afraid that after my BA diploma, when my modelling career was at peak, I will neglect my acting in order to become a model. But it never happened.

I did not give up anything of the two things mentioned.  There are times when one isdd8edb2d791685dc8e35fdb2983e8b57 priority cause I have different engagements and jobs in both fields, but I don’t think I will ever be able to give up acting or modelling. I love it too much.

Me and my parents often disagreed about some things considering my modelling,  but when they saw how persistent I was, they always gave me support and let me go down  the path I have chosen. Although not sharing my opinion in everything, they helped best they could in order for their child to be happy.

SMT: What meal does your mother cook for you when she wants to make you something special?

girl_with_sunglasses_by_antoanette-d5b5gvlAP: Whatever she makes. My mom is a great cook. I try to give up meat. I eat less meat then before. Our family consume healthy food: less meat and more vegetables. We drink natural juices we make ourselves from cranberries, bananas, avocado, kiwi, peach, apple, pear, red beets and carrots. It tastes yummy. I also love pumpkin soup.

Lately I have tried some vegan specialties and I am quite satisfied. I have even decided to learn how to prepare them. I haven’t given up chicken yet, so I must mention I love enchiladas and exotic cuisine. Whenever my mom wants to make something I love to eat, she knows pasta and anything oriental and exotic will be a great choice.

SMT: A big thanks to you and kisses from Prague to you for taking the time to do this wonderful interview with us here at Sad Man’s Tongue. We know you have a busy schedule and we appreciate you taking the time to really share some of your thoughts, drams, and memories.

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