JD McPherson Comes Home in ‘Scratching Circles’


Singer and guitarist sets up in famed Tulsa, Oklahoma, venue

By Breezy Smoak, Featured Writer, Rolling Stone Online

JD McPherson flaunts his signature retro rock & roll talent in the new video for “Scratching Circles.” Shot in black and white, the clip finds the band loading into Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they give an impassioned performance to a packed-in crowd.

Shooting at Cain’s was a big deal for McPherson, the singer and guitarist tells Rolling Stone. “Everyone from Hank Williams to the Sex Pistols have played there, and it continues to be an important cornerstone for live music in the U.S.,” McPherson says. “I’m an Oklahoma guy, so for our first time playing Cain’s as a headlining act was a huge deal!”

“Scratching Circles” appears on McPherson’s 2012 release Signs & Signifiers. He’ll be on the road until July. Check out a list of tour dates here.

Source: Rolling Stone Online

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