The High Fidelics

High Fidelicsby Brandonio, Featured Writer, Rock Is Dead RIP

Who’s says that Craigslist is only good for hooking up with strangers,and buying used musical  instruments? It also serves as a means to acquire fellow musicians with like minded tastes and goals.Well that’s just what guitarist Edwin Cleverdon, and bassist Jeff Waites did. They sparked up a connection seeking a new venture into instrumental rock music.

Eventually two other recruits Ken Adams on drums,and Robert “Rowbear’ Huffman on the keyboard. For those of you that are interested to know Huffman also played with Tuscaloosa, AL own legendary surf group The Penetrators under the alias of “Bobby Corvair”.

Now these guys are no spring chickens when it comes to the music scene. All these cats have paid there dues in other bands throughout the years…decades…who are we foolin’ they were born when or around the time that this hi-fi stereo on the album cover was probably being made originally, but these guys play as hard and aggressively as a bunch twenty somethings. There age does nothing to hinder their ability to compose, and play such tremendous music that they do. If anything the culmination of their musical maturity has given this excellent output of music a polished touch that can’t just be acquired over night.

To describe their sound I would say toss in Davie Allen,Tiki Tones ,Fifty Foot Combo, and some Memphis soul into a bag, shake it up and you get The High Fidelics.
Kicking things off is “Lil’ Curfew Breaker” a rough and tumble dark escape of surf rebellion.The action is tight and flowing with a dabble of punk aggression yet sophisticated. Not easing up in the least the slam bangin’ “New Killer Ray” a muderous number with organ swirls, sci-fi guitar,and mega drum flustering aggression. Taking you on a journey to what I can only illustrate as a Hungarian rhythm and beat is “Dance Of The Tiny Knives” sounding somewhat traditional this track is anything but that with all the sludging fuzz oozing from guitar amp ,and the double trouble drumming.

Harken back if you will to the psychedelic era with the acidic flavored “Black Dahlia” a song that excites and mellows in the same exercise. The bombastic drumming here is nothing short of phenomenal,and the transfused mix of warm organ, hypnotic trance guitar makes for unique experience.

Looking to groove in circles of exotic intoxication well “Mondo Rondo” has all the surefire ingredients to make that fantasy happen. Slow grinding sexual rhythms,and fuzzy hormonal guitar with just enough primal juice to attract the nearest female. Good luck Don Juan! I’m not sure if “Aquestrienna” reminds me of The Atlantics, or The Shadows, but it really doesn’t mater I suspect it’s both to tell you the truth. Yet another display of tremendous drumming fluctuations,and floating guitar rhythms.

Almost safe to say I hear some Laika and the Cosmonauts here as well. Taking you on a magic carpet ride is the Arabic mystery of “The Theme From Kismet” a sitar/guitar driver with fuzzy funk smoke dreaminess and seduction. Fans of The Mutants and Fifty Foot Combo take note with this track.With “Midnight Requisition” the rumble in the jungle demands attention with it’s constant punky bass throbbing and well timed reverb gestures.

With a sweeping dragnet of fuzzadelics “Spy Smasher” is swarming with crime and danger. Enough can’t be said about the beat down Ken Adams gives his drums toward the end of this track . Wow! The party ain’t over gang! The High Fidelics lay out a infectious go-go battery with “Bad Jacket” a walloping good time groover with ample shimmy’s and shakes. This song will stick in your head well after this CD sadly stops. But good news the band is gearing up for yet another release later year, but now get yourself a copy of this shockingly amazing collection from The High Fidelics.!/pages/The-High-Fidelics/232563456776169

Source: Rock Is Dead RIP

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