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As promised last summer Norwegian surf  vikings are back with their debut full length album entitled “Fretboard Mojo”. When the guys released their first 7” inch Get Hip With… I instantly knew this band had something unique to add the already vibrantly colorful world of surf instro music.

Kickstarting this musical journey is the fuzz and thumping “Boss Lady” a punky jerky tune with a semi-spy mystic. I couldn’t help, but wish this song was a tad bit longer though.

Continuing on with the mystery is the dark menace of “The Ghost” that sounds like perfect music to walk through a graveyard in a old abandoned western settlement town. Persona Non Grata has a almost rockabilly surf n’spy thing going on with spiffy dash of Arabic percussion to spice things up. The menacing bass,and dangerous guitar releases fear as if being chased by a couple of hired hitmen.

Starting off with a distinct euro driven rhythm “Rat Tap” morphs into a not so lean ,but mean killing machine of fuzzy/ reverb guitar ace. Galloping up with mustang power is “Tennessee Deadshot” a rockabilly infused spaghetti western number that is sure to squint your eyes in the sun with a Backwoods cigar clinched tight in your teeth.

The Euro beat drive of “Fez Inferno” is a scorcher. This track gives me that’s 90’s Surf Trio vibe, I can’t quit place a specific song,but if you’re familiar with band you”ll hear it as well. The frenzied guitar parts really cement the whole blazin’ inferno effect that this song was named.

Test Drive as you may have surmised is a quick paced thrill ride with a intense accelerated pace. Let’s burn some rubber!!

Slowing the pace down a tad bit is yet another western beat banger called “The Chosen One” a modern day display of  what riding a electrified horse may feel like. Though the name of “Spy-The Mystery Man” may suggest espionage  I couldn’t shake from it sounding like another spaghetti western inspired track with it’s deep dry twang,and it’s persistent cowboy clomp and stomp.

Harem Headlock, now that song title totally lives up to it’s name with it’s exotic Middle Eastern melodies,and rhythmic guitar structures. Reminds me of the Phantom Four.

Transitioning to a more Spanish flavor is the well arranged mini masterpiece that is “El Hombre Sin Clair” not quite pretty,but I hear a hint of a hot summer romance within and a thunderous climax. Saucy indeed!.

The album closer “The Twangster” is as to be expected, real heavily choked  full of twang,and true grit. If cowgirls were go-go girls this would get them grinding in there Daisy Dukes for sure. So far so good from the boys dreaming of surf in Norway.
If you live on this side of the world do yourself a favor,and pick up this fine album,or CD at
or just go to their web site and shop around because it can be purchased in MP3 format as well at all the popular sites including Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby etc.

Hopefully The Twang-O-Matics will get in some summer shows in Europe to help get them some more exposure in the world of surf music.Keep an eye out for these guys!

Source: Rock Is dead RIP

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