The Vintage Pin Up Girls of Peter Driben Gallery 2

Vintage Pin Ups of Peter Driben Gallery 2 (5)

Peter Driben (1903-1968)He produced a prolific number of covers for magazies such as Beauty Parade, Eyeful, Titter, Wink, Whisper and Flirt.Driben was born in Boston and studied at Vaesper George Art School before moving to study at the Sorbonne in Paris in 1925. His first known pin-up was the cover to Tattle Tales in        October 1934, and by 1935 he was producing covers for Snappy, Pep, New York Nights, French Night Life and Caprice. His career went from strength to strength in the late thirties with covers for Silk Stocking Stories, Gay Book, Movie Merry-Go-Round and Real Screen Fun.

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