Inked Girls Gallery 106 – The Keith Selle Edition

Keith Selle with Jessica Kittredge

By Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos By Keith Selle Photography,   Models Featured, Jess Kitt, Amanda Nicole, Ashley Roberts, Jessica Kittredge, Eliza Winn Boykin, Kayla Elizabeth Pasborg, Lourdes Dodds, Brooke, Mindee Jo, Nikki Bruno, Riley Jensen, Samantha Smith, Sarah Mudle,

Imagine  a story where you have no idea what would become of you and all that you knew for certain was that everyday all you could count on was water and a bowl of rice. Then imagine that this same individual would become the master of his own destiny. We are talking about Internationally acclaimed  photographer Keith Selle.

Keith was born in Laos and raised in a refugee camp in Thailand until the age of ten. US humanitarian efforts brought Keith to the US where he and his family settled in Sacramento, CA in 1984.

Today Keith  is  one of the  top photographer of inked girls, and internationally published with seventy-four covers plus. His list of credits are impressive.

This summer Keith plans on releasing a book called Nude Ink Desert Series, which appears to be first in a series of coffee table books. According to the link this first book in a series of five will feature;

over 50 of the world’s best and hottest tattoo models photographed nude in the desert of Las Vegas. Each was hand selected by Keith Selle. Nude Ink is a unique and intriguing high quality coffee table book. It’s the first of five in a series of full size coffee table books measuring 9″x13″ and close to 300 pages to be released this summer. It includes an autographed limited edition book, free shipping and handling and an exclusive Nude Ink T-shirt, available only to pre-orders. AND you’ll get it 2 weeks before the general public.

We are amazed by this talented young man’s artistic vision and even more amazed at his story. We have asked him for an interview and we hope he will say yes.

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