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If you check out Screamin’ Rebel Angels on ReverbNation, the first song listed is a real attention grabber. At the beginning of the song, Laura Rebel Angel screams, “Are you ready?” Whether you’re ready or not, the song is coming. The band launches into an upbeat tune that straddles the line between rockabilly and doo-wop. It is a fun song and a great introduction to the band.

Right to Wrong” is a great tune for several reasons. First, this is a song with the classic theme of someone being done wrong (and what would rockabilly be without that theme). Second, this is an upbeat rockabilly tune that will get couples swinging on a dance floor. Seriously, I would love to see this performed live just to see all the folks that would get up and dance to it.

If you’ve ever listened to rockabilly, you know that there are quite a few sweet-voiced female vocalists that immediately come to mind. Laura Rebel Angel does not fall into that sweet-voiced category. Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy her vocals but she leans more toward the tough than the sweet. (Strangely, her sweetest vocals on ReverbNation are in a song called “Evil Kind of Gal.”) Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Wanda Jackson has built a career on that.  Just listen to “Pretty When You’re Quiet” to hear what I mean. (Oh, by the way, I’d bet good money that “pretty when you’re quiet” is something every woman in history has said to her man.)

If you like some swingin’ rockabilly, check out this band from Brooklyn. It will make you want to get in your hot rod and head to the nearest juke joint where you can swing to your heart’s content.

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