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There is no shortage of rockabilly trios. That being the case, there is no shortage of rockabilly guitarists that really know how to play. What is perhaps more unusual in the rockabilly world is when the guitarist is a woman. Before you get your angry letters loaded to send to me, I’m not saying that women can’t play guitar well. I know for a fact that countless women play guitar better than me. Still, rockabilly is very much a boys club, so hearing a female guitarist is unusual. And let me tell you something, loyal reader. Miss Summer of Rocketship Rocketship can play the guitar. If you need a good example of this, check out the surfabilly goodness of “Squad Car!

And playing guitar isn’t the only thing Miss Summer can do. She also sings with a growl that makes you think she’d not only drink your whiskey straight from the bottle, but also take your last smoke when you’re buzzed and feel like you could really use one. Just listen to “Rude Prude” and see if you disagree.

This band makes some good tunes. Unfortunately, it only has four songs to listen to on ReverbNation, but I know that I want to hear more after getting that small sample.

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