The Infamous Swanks


by Incognito, Featured Writer, Incognito Music, Models, and More

When you go to the ReverbNation page for The Infamous Swanks, the first song you see listed is “Wake Up.” That is probably something you didn’t want to do on this Monday as you stare another week of drudgery in its ugly face. However, maybe if we all woke up to songs like this, Monday mornings might not seem so horrible. The song gets rolling with some great rapid-fire guitar and then the rhythm explodes. Frankly, there’s no other way to describe it the way the bassist and drummer both attack their instruments. The song is only 2:22, but these guys pack a lot into that short span.

The first couple songs I heard from this band are definitely in the Reverend Horton Heat rockabilly category. Then comes “Shirley’s Temple.” This is still in the rockabilly category, but also adds a fair amount of swing with the horns. I’d love to see this one performed live just to see all the cats and kittens swinging on the dance floor.

You get a relatively small sample (only five songs) of the band on the ReverbNation page, but the sample is big enough that you can get the idea of what they’re all about. This is a band that straddles the line between rockabilly and psychobilly. As a general rule, this band plays its songs loudly and at one tempo: fast. If you’re a fan of Reverend Horton Heat, I have no doubt that The Infamous Swanks will fit right in your collection.

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  1. tjcuzns says:

    A little more song;a little less singing please.

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