Ana Perduv is a Front Page Babe

Ana Perduv Gallery 1 (4)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Filip Dizdar

Angie Von Kruger, aka Ana Perduv, is certainly a front page girl and a first class act and I think our friends over there in Norway, The Carburetors would agree.

Sure Ana is gorgeous and has been featured in quite a few magazines such as MOTOPULS, FHM, KLIK, DIGITALNI KULT, PLEASURE, MEN’S HEALTH, KULTUR MAG, and URBAN MAGAZIN. But this Pin Up Girl from Croatia captured our hearts when we did our first feature of her, “Pin Up Girl Ana Perduv Giving Red Heads An Even Badder Ass Name.

Ana was also quite gracious when she was the first Pin Up Girl to participate in our series Cooking With A Pin Up where she gave us two wonderful recipes, Ana Perduv’s Zucchini Pie: Cooking WIth A Pin Up Series 1 and Ana Perduv’s “Chocolate Cream With Red Wine.”: Cooking With A Pin Up #2.

So take a listen to “Front Page Babe” by The Carburetors while you check out the amazing photography of Filip Dizdar who really captures this Front Page Girl.

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