Is Doctor Victor The Best Rock Band To come Out of the Czech Republic?

600958_446649508765241_1579614823_nPretty tall question to be imposing when you are talking about a band that is not even a year old yet. While music tastes, like wine, can be quite relative, we believe that even if you might not think so, perhaps you will still appreciate what these talented young musicians bring to the scene in freshness.

970701_10151489025793123_149259500_nThese up and coming Rock Stars, as I am sure they will be, are blowing people out of the water with each live performance. Considering the floods that were recently in Prague that says a lot. Made up of three talented personalities, Vojta Bures – lead vocals , guitar, Tomas “Bantam” Formanek – drums, backing vocals, and
Martin Sevcik – bass, backing vocals, this trio puts out some serious sound.

149430_10151411176223123_1450145555_nBelow is a partial sample of three songs of a performance they did at the Hard Rock Cafe in Prague for the international battle of the bands competition. Oh, and by the way they won at the local level, destroying all the competition. They start out as a group of band wallies with their entourage, and you are not really sure who or what is in the band, while lowering expectations they draw all attention to them and the stage and then they kick it in.

We can honestly say that of all the Czech Rock bands we have seen in Prague, they were not only the best, but had us saying for the first time, “Where the fuck are they playing again!” A blend of sounds and guitars that seem to blend AC/DC, Prince, and Jimmi Hendrix into one, if you are in Prague or coming to Prague seek these guys out as if it were the last thing you were going to do on this planet. You will not be dissapointed.

Here is their first official video “Sexy Black” so please enjoy.

These guys most likely were not able to capture the regional prize at the battle of the bands due to voting done on facebook before going before the international judges. With only a little over 100 fans that would be a tall order for anyone to muster despite the clear talent. So Head on over to Doctor Victor’s Facebook page and show them some love and become a fan.


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