The Ever Changing John Lennon Wall – Prague Spotlight

John lennon The Lennon wall prague (8)by Sad Man’s Tongue

There is an ever changing wall on a hidden side street away from the common touristy streets at Velkopřevorské náměstí known as the Lennon Wall. After John Lennon’s death in 1980 young Czechs made a memorial to john at the wall with lyrics and political messages. The secret police continuously painted over the wall as well as jailed anyone playing western music.

The wall however never stayed white washed for long as the peace loving youth continued to use the wall to paint political grievances against the communist government and of course continued to add pictures of John Lennon and and lyrics from his and the Beatles music.

Owned by the Knights Of Malta, who have an embassy near by the wall, even after the fall of communism is constantly changing. A picture you take this month could easily be replaced by another. Czechs and tourists from all over continue to this day to add to the ever changing Lennon Wall.

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  1. Sharing on my FB, for all my friends who lived in Prague in the early 90s…..a thrilling time in a thrilling city

  2. Jimmy D says:

    What an overrated talent this man was.

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