In Viva Van Story’s Kitchen

Viva Van Story Pin Up Girl (7)By Sad Man’s Tongue Photos by Viva Van Story

Of all the photographers we have posted we have never done a full feature on Viva Van Story Photography. We have come across them on many occasions through individual models photos and have always been a big fan of their work.

Well after viewing their piece on “Vintage Country Cottage,” not only do we have the urge to do a feature, but we have decided to remodel our kitchen. Hopefully we can also find a blonde who will also fit in our sink or shelves, because I pulled every muscle in my body just thinking about it.

Viva Van Story is one of the most respected photographers of the pin up and retro genre around. and it’s easy to see why. Her photography not only takes an image, but gives you the attitude of the model and the feel of the scene. Magnificent colors and sexy girls to boot, it’s no wonder that the top Pin Up Girls from around the world are knocking on her door.

Based out of New York City Viva Van Story has one numerous awards, most recently  winning the Black and White Spider Awards  for 2012. She has also been featured in numerous publications including her own book “Sheer”Published by Korero Books from London which you can buy here.

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