Bella Bella Bella Bad Ass Ilaria Pozzi

Ilaria Pozzi byGabriele Rigon Photography 5by Sad Man’s Tongue Photos by Gabriele Rigon, Francesco Cesarini for Make-up & Hairstyling

How about a little Italian Ink from Alternative model and Pin Up Girl Ilaria Pozzi of Italy.

A body. A body that embodies itself in harmony and constant change, through a path of determination and even pain, you get closer and closer to the realization of a project.
A body that becomes the support of artistic expression that goes beyond aesthetics , dressed itself, yet remains impenetrable even if exposed to the gaze . A body that draws from its deep colors and shapes and adornments making it unique , becoming visible testimony of the soul that is hidden within it, clear and yet enigmatic , revealing what it wants to reveal and conceal what it wants to hide , which directs and guides the eyes of those who see it through a map contours already defined. This is the ideal that takes body and face Ilaria Pozzi – by
Elettra Morelli From Ilaria Pozzi’s Webpage

Well we could not have said it better about this sultry yet bad ass Italian Beauty. And a big thanks to Italian Photographer Gabriele Rigon who takes a canvas of body art and creates his own amazing canvas of photos that are the envy of many a photographer.

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