Our Interview With Swiss Alternative Model Verena Kosheen: Part Two

Verena Kosheen (4)

So here is part two of our interview with Swiss ALternative Model Verena Kosheen. If you missed the first part just head over to, Our Interview With Swiss Alternative Model Verena Kosheen: Part One.

Verena Kosheen (1)SMT: Now we have read that you are also a TV host. Can you tell us more about it. What, where, when etc.

VK: Yes I had kind of my own TV show in Switzerland.. but had no idea if I’m doing well. So I quit and went to Swiss TV to learn from the “professionals”. Since then I work in Filmproduction too. I’m actually in discussions for a new TV Format in wich I’d do hosting again.

SMT: Do you find that your experience as a model has helped you with being a tv host or do you find the experience totally different?

VK: I guess it’s different. When you’re modeling you’re posing. Film is more about natural Verena Kosheen (6)moves for me.

SMT: I suppose it only natural that a person being photographed would naturally feel comfortable in front of a camera being filmed. Do you find that so? Do you think that the modeling was the stepping stone for TV and now the TV hosting is a stepping stone for films?

VK: I don’t really feel confortable to get photographed or filmed in my private time. When I’m in front of a camera to work ..I kind of switch. Of course it’s important to have pictures first and then go on with film if possible. But I don’t know if the producers saw some pictures or other films of me before..I just guess so.

Verena Kosheen (7)SMT: You are I believe playing in your first film “Traumland” which is in post production. How did you get the part?

VK: I went to the audition cause I heared about the theme and really wanted to work on that movie. I had to laugh about myself so much afterwards, cause I thougt I did so bad. But then they called me and I could do another audition for a “bigger” role. Which I got. It’s still a very small part but such a good experience.

SMT: What can you tell us about the character you play?

VK: First of all it’s a really short part! But I’m a social worker who takes care about the Verena Kosheen (8)women who’re working as prostitutes in Zurich. I take care and speak with them about their daily problems.

SMT: What was the experience of making the movie like and are you waiting for the release like a child waits for Christmas Day?

VK: I’ve already done some TV Spots too, but I loved to get a character with voice. And of course a Cinema Movie is different. I’m exited for it, but first of all I hope I do not get cut off 😉  and I’ve never seen myself playing like that -so I’m exited to see if I did okay.

SMT: You say you travel quite often. What are some of your favorite cities and why?

Verena Kosheen (10)VK: Sounds very typical, but I love Los Angeles. That’s a place where You’re able to speak with producers, musicians and other artists even in the metro. I love that golden Cali Sunlight and their culture is very familial. Of course there’s a very sad side of the city too and I’d love to see it upgrading.

SMT: In each of the cities you mentioned above what is your favorite meal locally?

VK: In LA it’s the “Urth Caffe”. They got the best Teas and Salads.. even if it isn’t very locally =))

SMT: So now the day is done. You have finished modeling, doing the television show or making a movie. What do you do to relax? What do you do for fun?

VK: Of course I’m not doing modeling jobs every day, I work in production too. I’ve gotVerena Kosheen by Willie T time to go out, walk with my dog to my fave lake, visit my grandparents and enjoy the forest. Cook with my best friends, philosophize about life and let our inner kid out =). Read a lot ..And think too much about the future and my chances here in Switzerland too =/.

SMT: Of the arts what is your favorite thing to see? Do you have a favorite composer, author, or artist.

Verena Kosheen by Adriano A. BiondoVK: I ‘m addicted to artistic music videos. And granularity black/white photography of women. If I need to name a film director.. yes it would be Tarantino =). Think his Films are kind of balmy. Very rough but balmy too, cause he gives not rarely the powerful roles to the weaks.

SMT: Of the photographers you have worked with who are some of your favorites and why?

VK: Willie T., Andres Herren and Shannon Brooke. They live their passion, are very talented and friendly too.

SMT: When you work with a photographer now, do you find you are more part of the process in creating the image, or does the photographer fully create the experience? I suppose in some cases it could be collaboration as well.

VK: For me it’s very important to make a collaboration.Verena Kosheen by Christian Saint

SMT: Who are some up and coming photographers we should be on the look out for?

VK: Def. Andres Herren and Janosch Abel, even if they’re already well known here.

SMT: Who are some up and coming alternative models we should look out for?

VK: The burlesque dancer Lada Redstar, she’s amazing.

Verena_110526_1831SMT: What bands do you listen to and who should we look out for that is up and coming, perhaps we will feature them J

VK: Let’s say Chino Brown. I listen to his Album with Big LA and Diamonique at the Moment.

SMT: I imagine Switzerland to be quite the magical place. While I have been to Zurich verena010and Geneva I am sure there are some hidden places that are quite wonderful. If you had to take someone to one city, village, town, or region that you felt expresses the Swiss culture where would it be and why?

VK: Zermatt in Winter is pretty wonderful and perfect for wellness. In Summer You def. need to do hiking and sleep in an old chalet on an alp.

SMT: We want to thank you for your time you took to answer our questions. As busy as you are we very much appreciate this. We wish you the best of luck in her endeavors. and hope to feature you here again sometime.

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