Some people Dream of Jeannie But We Dream of Dayna Delux

Dayna Deluxe by BrandonShowers 15by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Brandon Showers

So how do you know if you have made it as a pin up girl? When countless people have a tattoo of you on their body. This is clearly the case for Texas born Dayna Delux, who has more credits in publications than we have fans.

Hailing from East Texas this Hot Rod loving girl dreams of one day owning a 1934 Ford as her dream car. I am sure with her talent she will have no problem buying one someday, and with her multitude of fans, I am sure one of them will probably just give her one out of love.

We would love to give her a ’34 Ford  but there is probably none laying around the Czech Republic. We’ll just have to dream of other ways to get this pin up beauty to turn her head our way and 283702_451626048201420_1870178797_ngive us a wink and a smile.

So here’s the Blacktop Deceivers singing “34 Ford.” Just for you Dayna.

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