Help Us Save The Silks And Get Them Back On The Road

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So we were looking for some music to add to one of our galleries so we thought we would try out Band Camp. We found quite a bit of inspiration over there including a three piece band out of Rhode island called the Silks.

We have already played the shit out of the song we used of theirs for our 122nd legs Gallery, “Living In The World.” Take a listen and see if you can understand our excitement,

If you like what you have heard you can do more to help these guys out than just buy their Music. They had a mishap on the way to a gig and they say;

On August 3rd we drove down to Newport, RI for a gig.  Just before we crossed the bridge our car began to emit a burning odor through the vents.  We nearly shrugged it off but we decided to pull over and check it out.  We lifted the hood and found the engine engulfed in flames.  We called 911 while pulling our gear out of the burning car as quickly as possible.  Seconds after we removed our instruments the the front windsheild shattered,  the windows blew out, the tires exploded and the airbag blew sky high.


So they have a campaign going to help purchase some reliable transportation over at Indiegogo called “Save the Silks.” There are several donation packages where they will send you their CD when you donate. They even have a donation present where they will play in your house or any venue you choose.

We would ask all our friends and fans to make whatever donation you can and help these true rockers out.





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