Pin Up Girl Pearl Blanched by Benjamin Krenzke Peoplephotography

PEARL BLANCHED by Benjamin Krenzke Peoplephotography (7)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Benjamin Krenzke Peoplephotography, Model
Pearl Blanched

Here is a great shoot from German Photographer Benjamin Krenzke and German Pin Up Girl Pearl Blanched. Both were recently featured in a feature by TV NDR DAS, and we have to tell you, we are quite jealous of this father of two and pin up photographer.

I mean what do we have to do get gorgeous blondes like Pearl and spend our days photographing them? I guess we will have to start by buying a camera. But you don’t have to wait for our photography career as  Benjamin Krenzke is more than skilled and has given us a wonderful set to feature here.

As for Pearl Blanched, we wish we were oysters 🙂 Enjoy the gallery to the music of Voodoo Swing from Arizona playing “Down at the Oak.”

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