Legs Gallery 126 – The Alex Kolodyazhni Edition

Legs and Nylons by Alex Kolodyazhni (14)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by Alex Kolodyazhni

Ukranian freelance photographer Alex Kolodyazhni sates on his webpage that he “Just a Photographer.” We would say that he is a photographer, and a very talented as well.

Trust us! We have looked at more photos in the last two days than most of you will filter through in a month. And let us tell you, there is a lot of crap out there. It is always refreshing when we stumble upon a photographer whose work makes us stand up and take notice.

Alex Kolodyazhni is one of those few photographers who seems to get it, and we are more than happy to present it here. In an interview Alex did with Diana Drengere Photography, Alex goes on to say, “I want to become a worldwide known photographer who does damn good-looking pictures! No stop till then.”  Well if he keeps up with the damn good looking models with the damn good looking sexy legs, we are sure he will be a super star. So don’t stop now Alex!

Enjoy today’s gallery from Spain’s Guadalupe Plata playing “Esquelet.”

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