Russian Photographer Katerina Katonik Heats Up Cold Weather & Christmas Mornings

Christmas Pin Ups by Katerina Katonik (8)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Katerina Katonik, Model, Polli Smile

We were very excited when we made contact with photographer Katerina Katonik from Voronezh, Russia. We absolutely love her style and this set was just perfect to start the holiday season.

With hints of Gil Elvgren in the background and her own edgy style carrying the vintage theme forward into the 21st century, Katerina takes us on a journey  with Pin Up girl Polli Smile,  who is drop dead gorgeous to say the least. And our new photographer friend seems to pretty hot herself. But that’s another story.

Katerina says she was born in “… Syktyvkar, Russia, were it  is always a cold Russian winter with  bears.” We are glad she survived those winters and bears, because she really heats things up now. It is pretty amazing that our new friend only just picked up a camera three years ago. We can’t even take a proper picture of our dog!

Expect more from this talented girl, and a future interview that we will feature in the up coming days. Until then enjoy today’s gallery to the sounds of Belgian Band, Smooth and the bully boys, with their version of Elvis Presley’s “Baby let’s play house.” Although we prefer to play Christmas morning with the girls  😉

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  2. stevengale says:

    Naughty AND nice!

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