Legs Gallery 127 – A Lesson In Greek Mythology From Nikos Vasilakis

Legs and Nylons by Nikos Vasilakis  (11)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Nikos Vasilakis of NikosAlpha.com

Now we know three Greeks here in Prague, Kostos, Kostos, and Kostos. It gets pretty confusing when you work in the same place together, so we named them Kostos Black, Kostos Blonde, and Kostos M. Trust us there is still confusion, plus none of them can take a photo to save their lives.

So when we stumbled across Athens, Greece based photographer Nikos Vasilakis several things came to mind. First; there was actually a Greek not named Kostos. Second; this guy can really take a photo.  Third; Perhaps this legs gallery would be a nice lesson in photography for our three Greek friends.

Nikos only picked up a camera in 2004 and starting taking photos as a hobby. That hobby turned into employment, only five months later,  at 18-Thirty Magazine and 18-30 Advertising Company. By 2006 he had already scored the cover eleven times, but not being content with that and wishing to shine even brighter, Nikos goes back to school to  master his skill even more.

I think this legs gallery shows just how much he learned, God Bless education!!! Today Nikos, in addition to his photography work, is teaching Photoshop and Photography classes and seminars in ‘IEK AKMI’, ‘New School Athens’ and ‘Athens Art Studio’. So perhaps we can send our three Kostos’ to his school for some help. Then we could name them Kostos Nikon, Kostos Leica, and Kostos Cannon.

Enjoy today’s gallery to Greek Band Noise Effect  with  song “Ραντεβού 90′.”

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