Hey Young Girl You Got Me Eating Out Of The Palm Of Your Hand

Cup Cakes by Jennifer Williams Boudoir (1)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by Jennifer Williams Boudoir

We have seen plenty of rockabilly girls prancing around with cupcakes, and plenty of Rockabilly weddings with cupcakes for the cake, but when we saw this boudoir shoot with cupcakes from Jennifer Williams Boudoir, out of Vancouver, Canada our jaws dropped.

We came across Jennifer and her team looking for content for our legs galleries, and she definitely delivers there. When we saw this little shoot not only did we fall even more in love with Jennifer’s work we also had to go out and buy some cupcakes trays and make some. They were good, but not as sexy.

Like any cupcake or potato chip lover one is never enough. So when we asked Jennifer if she had any more cupcake photos and she said no, you can imagine our disappointment. Perhaps this is not one of our larger galleries, but it is the most delicious.

If enough of you go to her Facebook page and become a fan and tell her you want more cupcakes, maybe, just maybe the team of Jennifer Williams, Kelly Trerise, and a pomeranian-mix named Jinx, will bake some more for us.

I am sure our friend Roy Phillips from the UK based Black Kat Boppers understands and will help us get some more cupcakes. Until then enjoy their song “Hey Young Girl”

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