The Devil Is In The Details And So Is Frankenstein

Hot Rods, Rat Rods, and Kustoms by Mark Stacks (12)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by Mark Stacks of Tin Woody Photo

If you are like us and you see a hot ride or Kustom you take a picture. When we take a picture we end up with a picture of a car, and sometimes we get as a bonus a shitty background.

So when I see photographs from the likes of Mark Stacks, David Perry, or Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau, we are just blown away by the details they catch of a hot rod, rat rod, or Kustom Car. So then we try to get closer and focus on the details when we take a photo and we still end up with a photo of a car.

With Mark Stacks of Tin Woody Photo the devil is truly in the details and so is Frankenstein apparently. His photographs catch the lines and curves of the hot rod in such a way you would think only  a photographer such as fetish photographer  Paul Dominique Angier, could pull off.

Mark truly has a gift for pulling you in with his detailed photography of Kustom cars, hot rods, and rat rods. His camera captures  a minute glimpse of the bigger picture, yet you see it like never before. Truly sexy!

Enjoy today’s gallery to the sounds of UK based band The Black Kat Boppers, with a song from their first CD release, from Foottapping Records “Hi-Flyin’ Baby”

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    Those photos look great.

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