Inked Girls Gallery 134 – The Igor Gerasimchuk Edition Vol 2

Inked Girls Gallery ny Igor Gerasimchuk (6)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Igor Gerasimchuk, of Igor Gerasimchuk Photography,

So what does a Russian wedding photographer living in Bali, Indonesia know about photographing inked girls? Answer: EVERYTHING! Photographer  Igor Gerasimchuk, knows it and knows it well.

This is our second gallery featuring the work of photographer Igor Gerasimchuk, and we can’t wait to do another.

Igor says that he is not just about making pretty pictures, but ones that you will treasure. Well we treasure these for sure and we hope the rest of you will also. A big thanks to Igor who was gracious in allowing us to use his photos.

Out of The US, enjoy today’s gallery to Phillip Roebuck’s “She’s a Dollar He’s a Dime”



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