Photographer Roy Varga Keeps The Christmas Pin Up Spirit Alive

Christmas Pin Ups by Roy Varga (1)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Roy Varga of Varga Photography

We have seen quite a bit of work from photographer Roy Varga and have wanted to feature his work for quite a while. This internationally published laid back Hepcat from Placentia, California photographs in 38 states plus. Now that is testimony on how sought after he is.

We thought we would start out with a few of his Christmas pin ups to get the ball rolling just to get those of you not quite into the spirit of things, into it! Expect a full feature in the coming days.

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Alley Dukes out of Montreal, Canada with their song “Drinkin’ my Life Away.”


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    Looking at these pin-ups seem to beat the holiday blues! 🙂

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