Legs Gallery 130 – The Simon Bolz Edition

Simon Bolz, www.simonbolz.comby Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Simon Bolz of Simon Bolz Photography

Christmas just came early and apparently Santa Claus is really Simon Bolz and the North Pole is really code for Frankfurt, Germany.

When we first stumbled upon Simon Bolz of Simon Bolz Photography our jaws dropped. WOW! This was definitely the big leagues and this photographer out of Frankfurt Germany was a giant in the field. And what a field of dreams it is.

Simon Says (I can’t believe I can say that. I have not said Simon says since I was in 3rd grade) that he focuses on “Bringing out the beauty and appeal of the female body without crossing the line.” He does just that in a uniquely sexy way without the raunch. Looking at some of his pictures we feel we are looking at angels.

If angels look like this we hope we get to heaven, and if these are all German girls, then perhaps we are in the wrong country! At least for one night anyway,  ’cause Czech girls are pretty hot. Maybe Simon needs to come here and take some of photos of Czech Girls so they would be “Simon Bolz Hot.” That’s our adjective we are adding to the dictionary 🙂

Enjoy today’s gallery From Freddie Dilevi of Spain singing “Wondering Why.”


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7 Responses to Legs Gallery 130 – The Simon Bolz Edition

  1. Simon Bolz says:

    Thanks! It’s cool you like my work and actually there are quite a few Czech girls that I have worked with already. Yes, you have some real beauties there. Happy New Year and all the best for 2014!

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