Everyday Is Christmas With The Pin Up Photography of Bostjan Tacol

Pin Up Girls byBostjan Tacol (10)by Sad Man’s Tongue Photos by Bostjan Tacol of Photobilly

When it comes to Bostjan Tacol, from Ljubljana, Slovenia we are always taking a peak at his web page hoping to get a glimpse of something new. Like a child at Christmas we can’t wait to peak under the tree.

While we know we will always find great photography with bright colors that catch our eye, and some of the hottest pin up girls that lure us in hook, line, and sinker, every new shot is a gift from this talented man.

With Pin Up beauties such as  Maja Martina Merljak, Greta MaCabre, Tamara Kamikaze, Ana Perduv, Miss Bo, Lisa Berger, and  Sandy Sailor, you really cannot go wrong.

Enjoy today’s gallery to the music of Canada’s July Talk and their song “The Garden.”

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