Inked Girls Gallery 138 – The Beautiful Chaos of Mr Jersey

Inked Girls Gallery 138 - The Beautiful Chaos of Mr Jersey (10)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by Mr Jersey Photography, Models  Mrs. Frankie Stein, Nadine Kennse, Evilla D Ark, Snow White Queen

You would think it would be simple. You find a photographer, grab some photos, write a little commentary and then post. This is not the case of Mr Jersey Photography based out of Cologne, Germany.

Mr Jersey has created chaos in our ranks. Arguments about what theme to take, because has many wonderful themes we could use, such as inked girls, legs, and pin up. They are all so good we were like kids in a candy store and could not decide.

Then we settled on ink and more wonderful chaos broke out. Which model should we use. Frankie Stein, Evilla D Ark, Nadine Kennse, Snow White Queen or a host of others. You know you are dealing with a talented and sought out photographer when models such as their caliber are part of his portfolio.

Even the photos we would not typically use  are so good that we even thought of using different themes we have never done here before. Truly a talented man who not only creates moments but creates moments of wonderful chaos. In the end we all had our favorite so we decided to use them all in our first gallery featuring the photography of Mr Jersey.

Enjoy today’s very special gallery to Toronto’s own July Talk with their song “Summer Dress.”

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