Inked Girls Gallery 139 – The Long Sien Edition With Sara Fabel

Sara Fabel by Long Sien Photography (9)by Sad Man’s Tongue; Photography by Long Sien
Model, Sara Fabel

Lets face it. Even an amatuer photographer would take a great picture of Sara Fabel. If you take a picture of someone as beautiful as her, you are bound to have a pretty great photograph.

On the other hand, enter Long Sien from Melbourne, Australia. Specializing in fashion and portrait photography, Long Sien seems to be able to take a gorgeous Alternative model and make her even more perfect.

One thing that strikes us the most about Long Sien is how he uses colorful and lively backgrounds in his photography to highlight the focus of the shot even more. He takes the character and  adds life to the shot. He brings not only the subject to life with his background choices, but also has the subject bring the background to life.

Long Sien’s photos are ones that could easily be hung in your home in order to add some color, or ink, to your life.

Enjoy today’s gallery to our favorite band from Jakarta, Indonesia, Citizen Useless, with their song “Good Times Wasted.”


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