Photograpgher Steven Williams – Hanging Out With Alysha Nett

alysha nett by Steven Williams (11)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photographer: Steven Williams, Model: Alysha Nett

It was a photo of a pair of legs that drew us to Steve’s Left Eye – Photography. When we ventured further we found quite an unusual mix of not only some pretty alluring models, but amazing photography of landscapes, and an array of different cultures. We thought we hit the wrong link and were looking at a National Geographic photographer.

Currently based out of San Diego, California, Steven Williams probably won’t be there long as his love for adventure finds him in some unusual and exotic places. Steve says in his blog;

I’m a professional musician, entrepreneur, traveler, adventure enthusiast and photographer. I’m always trying to find ways to explore new places, experience different cultures and find my way home after all the mishaps along the way. Within the last few years I’ve dog sledded on a glacier in Alaska, encountered a dead monkey in west Texas,  evaded a “cougar” outside the Smokey Mountains, was nursed back to health by a bathroom floor in Argentina, and tangoed with a tree and a car and survived.

Steven says he was living in and out of hotels for a few months in LA. We have done the same and always loved living in hotels, not having making the bed, clean the bathroom, and oh how we love ordering room service. But the one thing we never had was one of the hottest alternative pin up girls hanging out in our room. Steven is of course our idol now.

Steven was just hanging out and goofing around with the beautiful Inked Model Alysha Nett when these photos were taken at his stay in the Roosevelt Hotel. National Geographic photographer on a whole other level now my friends we would say.

Enjoy today’s gallery to the Black Leather Jaket’s “The Vainest Knife”

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