Vintage Vandalizm’s Top Sexiest Lingerie Picks for Valentine’s day!

Vintage Vandalizm

If you are wondering what you want to buy in the form of lingerie for this upcoming valentines day look no further. Vintage Vandalizm has the perfect advise and picks for you.

by Vintage Vandalizm

Valentine’s day is one of my FAVORITE holidays of the year and I am sure it’s the same for many lingerie brands all over the world. The entire theme fills a gals romantic heart with joy and nothing is more exciting than spending that special day with that special someone.

Hell, I even enjoy Valentine’s day when I am single as I make it a tradition to go to my local Agent Provocateur to gift myself something sexy because in the end the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself right? Exactly. As a lingerie addict, I understand the importance of under garments and the effect it can have on one’s self esteem.

The same way a man feels in a suit is the same way women feel in lingerie and a suit to a woman is what lingerie is to a man. Make sense? Ok, cool. Moving along.. My point is, lingerie is the sh*t and you should wear it often if not for your partner then for yourself.

Now let’s get to talking about comfort. You do not have to do the whole shebang. You do not have to do the stockings, the garters, and the pasties. I personally love everything and anything but for you it may be different. You may prefer a sheer baby doll slip over a set, a high-waisted brief over a thong, or a corset over a bra.

The great thing about lingerie is that  it caters to every body type and comfort offering a variety of shapes and styles that suit you best. You just have to do a little shopping research to find pieces that suit your taste and price range. I like browsing through shops like Journelle and Faire Frou Frou because they introduce me to different brands from all over the world but I also have my specific favorite brands like Agent Provocateur, What Katie Did, Secrets in Lace, Playful Promises, and more that are my go-to’s.

Anyway, so whilst browsing for some things to gift myself this Valentine’s day, I came across some great valentines pieces I wanted to share with some of you ladies out there who are looking for something HOT this Valentine’s day. Check it out inside! Continue reading

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