Legs Gallery 138 – The Aleksey Yepanchintcev Edition

Legs Gallery 138 by Aleksey Yepanchintcev (2)by Sad Man’s Tongue Photos by Aleksey Yepanchintcev

In the depths of Siberia saying the weather can get cold is an understatement. So what is one to do when the weather outside is more than cold and more than frightening? Find some hot legs and photograph them until the ice starts to melt.

Russian Photographer Aleksey Yepanchintcev knows what it’s all about. Hailing from Novosibirsk, Russia,  Aleksey knows about the cold, and also about one of our favorite themes…..Legs. As we are writing this the temperature is -25 degrees Celsius over there. We imagine our new Russian friend Aleksey is staying quite warm, perhaps with a pair of legs close by to keep him warm, perhaps even wrapped around him.

At any rate as it is winter for many of our readers so we hope our first feature of the leg master, Aleksey Yepanchintcev, will add a bit of warmth to your day, or night depending on what part of the globe you are on.

Enjoy today’s gallery to German Band the Bloodstrings with “Black Cat.”

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