Pin Up Girl Mrs Frankie Stein Is Far From A Monster

Pin Up Girl Frankie Stein (2)by Sad Man’s Tongue Photography by Hannes Windrath of Hannes Windrath Photography Model Mrs. Frankie Stein

While German Pin Up Girl Frankie Stein has been seen in a few features here, we have never done a full feature on her. Not sure why as she is drop dead gorgeous. But when we saw this photo series by Hannes Windrath of Hannes Windrath Photography, we realized we were way over due.

Based out of Berlin, Germany this talented young model is both edgy and elegant. Her ability to grab the attention of the viewer as a model does not type cast her as the typical pin up. Her blog “A Million Miles From Here” is a testament to a witty young girl who has a lot of brain beneath her beauty. Clearly Dr. Frankenstein would be quite envious of the other Frankie Stein 🙂

Photographer Hannes Windrath does a great job capturing not only her beauty and sex appeal but seems to capture a personality that shines quite bright. Hannes himself is quite a gifted photographer and we hope to see more of his work featured here as well.

Far from being the monster her namesake evokes, she is definitely monster hot. Enjoy today’s gallery to D.A. Sebasstian & The Inner Demons, out of Seattle, WA, and their song “Monster Monster.”

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