A lick and A Smile With Pin Up Girl Polly Smile

Polly Smile by by Natalya Paramonova (1)by Sad Man’s Tongue Photography by Natalya Paramonova Model: Polly Smile

When we think about eating an ice cream cone certain words come to mind. Words such as gentle, romantic, charming, sexy, gorgeous, sensual, and sophisticated. When we think of Pin Up Girl Polly Smile we think of words  such as delicious, lickable, and we want to marry that cone!

Oops! I think we got our wires crossed in all our excitement. We suppose many a thought and phrase comes to mind when we feature this wonderful pin up girl from Voronezh, Russia, but this talented young Rockabilly, and vintage loving personality can do more that take a pretty picture and make you beg for ice cream and one……just one lick. She actually made the dress and blouse featured in the shoot.

Polly is quite talented and is making quite the name for herself designing and making hand made wedding gowns and corsets under her label called “Studio Elegant Arts.” You can check out her work from start to finish at her blog located here.

dddddIce cream, Pin Up Girls, and Polly Smile. These are just a few of the things we love.

Enjoy today’s gallery to the Murmaids’ 1963 top ten hit “Popsicles and Icicles”.


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