A Homage To Catalonia: The Rockabilly Photographs of Manel Lanzon

4988309686_50dfdf9e93_z“I think few periods could be more sickening, more disillusioning or, finally, more nerve-racking than those evil days of street warfare.” = George Orwell, from his Book, Homage to Catalonia

by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Manel Lanzon

Oh if only George Orwell were alive today to see the wonderful pictures of a Rockabilly festival held in Catalonia, province of Spain, every year, in Calafell. But times change and so do the streets of Catalonia. It’s a big difference from the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930s to the Rockabilly festival held every year in Calafell, Catalonia, Spain.

I first stumbled upon this photographer’s pictures by accident. Searching the internet for rockabilly images I stumbled upon a few pictures here and a few pictures there. When I started to piece together some of my favorites they all seemed similar in style, an incredible style that is. As I delved further I found they were indeed from the same photographer, Manel Lanzon of the Catalonia province of Spain.

He has a wonderful blog here, PhotoManiac, wich I strongly recommend you check out for photos other than rockabilly that are just as incredible. You can also check out his website, www.manelanzon.com.

I think what I find the most intriguing about the following photos is that there are no models, no special lighting, and no studios. Just a passionate photographer and his camera working magic on his subject matter. I hope you enjoy the real pictures of real people celebrating the Rockabilly Life, and I hope he does not mind our blog on him.

Here is the first series of a series of four.

Source: PhotoMania

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